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Sanguine Tinto Wednesday's Domaine (zero alchohol)

New Arrival

Low & No Alcohol Drinks Collection by Philglas & Swiggot

  • Size: 750ml
  • Vintage: NV
  • ABV: 0.18%
  • Origin: La Mancha / Spain
  • Grapes: Tempranillo


A great new addition to our no alchohol range

Most of us are familiar with that feeling of wanting a drink but knowing we probably shouldn’t… Alcohol free beers and spirits have come a long way in answering that call; wines haven’t, they’ve been left behind.

One of the biggest issues those not drinking face is feeling left out, like they’re missing something.

Wednesday's Domaine have created two wine alternatives that look, feel and smell like wine. When you want a glass of wine, there’s often nothing else that will do.

They have cleverly blended de-alcoholised wines from La Mancha, Spain with natural flavours and ingredients to create wines with the body, flavours, aromas and complexity often lost when alcohol is removed. They’re balanced and pair beautifully with food - all that’s missing is the alcohol..

The red Sanguine, channels lighter-bodied reds and is made from Tempranillo grapes.

Fruit-forward on the nose, it gives way to flavours of cooked red fruits and enjoys a drying, tannic finish.

Try it, you will be surprised!

Variation. Sanguine also works beautifully as a sangria alternative when paired with fresh apples, oranges and blackberries.