Luis Pato Maria Gomes Espumante Bairrada NV

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  • Size: 750ml
  • Vintage: NV
  • ABV: 12,5%
  • Origin: Bairrada/Portugal
  • Grapes: 100% Maria Gomes


Luís Pato has been making the wines of the estate since 1980, ten years after his father became the first producer to estate bottle wines, after the Bairrada DOC was granted. These days, and more than 30 vintages later, Luis has 60 hectares of vines, focusing on the region's signature grape Baga for reds, and Bical and Maria Gomes for whites. Winemaking has moved from the grounds of the family house in Ois do Bairro, to a smart winery in Amoreira de Gandara, and, of course, these days Luis Pato is not only the most famous producer in his region, but enjoys a global reputation too.

Bairrada has since the 1890s been the cradle of sparkling wine production in Portugal and a considerable proportion of Luís' production is sparkling, both metodo classico and metodo antigo. 

We love this really delicious wine which should replace Prosecco the world over! Lovely sweet-floral fruits on the nose, and a touch of toasty and biscuity flavours. Dry on the palate this tastes of  crisp apples and fresh lemons.