When we first met the constantly smiling Giuseppe Vajra some years ago at Vinitaly we were accosted by his American importer who wanted us to know the following simple truth about G.D. Vajra: "the wines are outstanding . . . But the family is even better!"

This wonderful platitude comes to mind whenever we open Vajra wines in our stores or at home because the warmth and generosity of the family itself can be tasted and felt in these beautiful wines from Piemonte.

Giuseppe's father Aldo founded the estate in the early 1970s and followed a traditional winemaking philosophy that produces wines with pristine and clearly defined flavours.

One of the great strengths of the Vajra range is that their lineup forms a Masterclass in Piemonte - you can explore the lighter spectrum of Langhe Nebbiolo and Barbera d'Alba through to different levels of Barolo power and intensity, and round it all out with the most deliciously light, slightly sweet and frizzante Moscato you have ever tried.

We love these wines so much and want to share them with you so we are offering 20% off any 12 bottles of Vajra wines using the discount code VAJRA.  Just insert the code at checkout.

They say that beautiful vineyards make beautiful wines. Well add to that a beautiful family and you have something truly special.  

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Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo 2019 £26.50
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