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La Invicta Honduran Churchill Tubed

Cigars Collection by Philglas & Swiggot

  • Line: Honduras
  • Flavour: light
  • Ring Gauge: 47
  • Length: 6 3/4 Inches/ 171mm


The longest of the Honduran range from La Invicta and worthy of bearing the Churchill name. Delivers smoking pleasure for over an hour.

About La Invicta...

The birth of the La Invicta brand dates back to the 1940’s. At this time, various trade sanctions and currency restrictions were imposed globally due to the Second World War, with one being the use of the American dollar. This made it difficult to purchase Cuban cigars and so to maintain a supply of war time smokes for the UK, La Invicta (translating to “The Undefeated”) was created by cigar importer Hunters & Frankau. Using tobaccos grown in Jamaica and other regions, the cigars were blended specifically for the taste preference of the British smoker at the time.

La Invicta remains a firm favourite today with a new blend and range to reflect the needs and palate of the modern day cigar smoker. La Invicta Honduran cigars are hand rolled at the Tabacos De Oriente Factory in Honduras using a blend of the finest leaves sourced locally from Talanga and Jamastran. They offer subtle, delicate flavours ideal for new or casual cigar smokers. The La Invicta Nicaraguan range is produced in the Placencia cigar factory in Nicaragua, again using only the best locally grown tobaccos from Esteli, Jalapa and Condega. The cigars deliver rich, robust flavours and aromas, synonymous with the tobaccos grown in the region. Ideal for the regular cigar smoker or trained palate.

Both ranges are made totally by hand using long-filler tobacco leaves and the brand is still under the stewardship of Hunters & Frankau, the UK’s leading importer of premium cigars.

La Invicta was created by Hunters & Frankau and dates back to the 1940’s.

The name La Invicta (in English, The Undefeated) is particularly apt when considering that the brand was created during the Second World War.

During the war it was not possible for Hunters & Frankau to purchase Cuban cigars using American dollars and so La Invicta was established, using Jamaican tobacco, in order to maintain a supply of war time cigars to the UK.

The cigars are still made using bespoke blend of tobaccos, tailored specifically for the UK smokers’ palate, but they no longer hail from Jamaica. They are now available in two different blends; the lighter styled Honduran and the richer Nicaraguan linea.

With the exception of the Nicaraguan Shorts all of the cigars within each range are made entirely by hand, using long-filler tobacco leaves and are made from 100% tobacco.

The Honduran cigars are made at the Tabacos De Oriente Factory using tobaccos taken from Talanga and Jamastran.

The Nicaraguan cigars use tobacco from Esteli, Jalapa and Condega, and are made at Plasencia Cigar Factory.