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Gipsy Hill Bandit GF Pale Ale 44cl

Under £15 Collection by Philglas & Swiggot

  • Region: UK
  • Style: Gluten Free Pale Ale
  • ABV: 3,8%
  • Can: 44cl


In 2013 Charlie and Sam met at craft beer institution The Rake in Borough Market. They both heard from a mutual friend that they had the same plans – to build a brewery. They shook hands, drank some beer, got to know each other and penned a plan to put their stake in the brewing world.

Few years fast forward and 2019 was a really interesting year for craft beer in London. Some of the biggest craft players had been sold over the previous 18 months, leaving Gipsy Hill as one of the largest independent breweries in London. By volume, the amount of craft beer brewed by independent business had dropped from 100% in 2015 when they were founded, to ~circa. 20%. Gipsy Hill had to continue to improve their beer to show that independents do make better beer than macro-owned breweries!

Bandit is a Gluten Free Pale Ale. Basically Gipsy Hill's Beatnik and they stole the gluten out. It’s a light, refreshing pale. Still fruity, still floral. Loads of flavour, just gluten free. Goes well with high revs and breeze in your hair.