Scions of Sinai 'Gramadoelas' Grenache Blanc Stellenbosch 2019

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  • Size: 750ml
  • Vintage: 2019
  • ABV: 12%
  • Origin: Stellenbosch /Western Cape/South Africa
  • Grapes: Chenin Blanc


This was made by Bernhard Bredell, a rising star in South African winemaking, with a very much sustainable, low intervention approach who, in his description, 'guides, like you would rather than makes the wine in the winery, preserving a sense of place in the wine.

Scions of Sinai Wines mainly focus on curating the uniquely located vineyards of the Lower Helderberg region (South East of Stellenbosch) around a granite hill colloquially known as 'Sinai Hill' – pure wines from a few specially selected dryfarmed bushvine vineyards on decomposed granite…as seen by Bernhard Bredell.

Granietsteen (Afrikaans for Granite Stone and Granite Chenin) is registered Chenin blanc Single Vineyard and forms part of the site specific cultivar range. In the Lower Helderberg vicinity of Southern Stellenbosch. These are old dryfarmed (un-irrigated) bushvines planted on the South East aspect of the Sinai Hill slopes. Rooted in frail well drained and poor decomposed granite soils with a underlaying in-situ mother rock Granite subsoil, absent of any clay, this makes for an early ripening vineyard with vibrant tension in the flavours of the berries. At a mere 4 km from the Atlantic ocean to its South, this vineyard experiences a cooler Maritime climate with gentle breezes during ripening. Planted by brothers, Koos and Pieter Bredell, in 1978.