Scions of Sinai 'Feniks' Pinotage 2017

Located in Stellenbosch’s Lower Helderberg, Scions of Sinai was founded by Bernhard Bredell in 2016. Having grown up on a wine farm, Bredell has always felt the desire to give back to his roots. He focuses on using natural methods and minimalistic intervention in the cellar to ensure the wines maintain authenticity to the vines and their roots.

Scion, in biology, refers to the upper part of the vine or a young shoot. In old English, Scion also means descendant. Sinai refers to Sinai Hill, the foothill of the lower Helderberg, where the Bredells have farmed with old dryland bush vines for generations. From Sinai Hill, Bernhard sees both himself and his old bush vines as the Scions of Sinai – descendants of this unique terroir.

Made from a single vineyard site and soil type in the lower parts of the Helderberg, WO Stellenbosch. These special bushvines are 47+ years old and dryfarmed on deep well drained sandy, whithered granite and quarts soils, absent of any clay (which is scares for Pinotage, especially in Stellenbosch). Gentle hand in the cellar and no pigéage. Just soaking the skins/grapes in their own goodness to leach out the terroir in a long natural fermentation rather than grinding the tannins out. A complex combination of whole cluster and destemmed fruit gives this wine a lovely layered feel. 

A nose welcomed by a vibrant black cherry and thyme bouquet complexly wrapped with blackberries and red currants with a subtle back note of cured meats. The palate packed with velvety tannins and much lighter than one expects from Pinotage as most know it. Complex with a captivating elegance to the palate. Balanced with a natural vibrant acidity enticed by red fruits and some herbs going into a lingering savoury follow with great minerality.


  • Size: 750ml
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Origin: Stellenbosch Western Cape / South Africa
  • Grapes: Pinotage  

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