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Redwood Empire 'Lost Monarch' American Whiskey

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  • Size: 700ml
  • ABV: 45%
  • Origin: USA
  • Sub Style: American Whiskey


The Redwood Empire Collection is a range of whiskeys inspired by the great Redwood trees of Northern California. Each expression is named after one of the Redwood Forest’s great ‘Big Trees’. The geo-coordinates of that tree and an inspiring quote by John Muir, renowned naturalist and philosopher, appear on the bottles label reminding us to stay grounded to the earth.

From customised mash-bills to distilling in an innovative microcolumn still, custom-designed. The unique combination of barrel blends rested in high charred oak and heirloom port & wine barrels makes Redwood Empire’s approach distinct and memorable.

The Lost Monarch is an award-winning bourbon-rye blend named after the world’s largest coastal Redwood tree. The first & original Redwood Empire whiskey – blending 4yr and 12yr old bourbons with 3yr and 5yr old rye whiskies. Great for sipping but the high rye content makes it great for mixing drinks. Perfect for those who can’t decide whether they fancy a Bourbon or a Rye.