Jordi’s 67% Dark Chocolate with Orange & Ginger

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  • Size: 50g
  • Cacao: 67%
  • Origin: Czech Republik
  • Flavours: Dark / Sweet / Flavoured


Jordi’s was founded in 2010 by two chefs – Jiri Stejskal and Lukas Koudelka – originally as a fine chocolate store. Jiri (a fully trained head chef) and Lukas (an IT graduate who became a chef after he had realised he preferred pots and pans to computers) had previously met working in the kitchen of a large restaurant in Hradec Kralove, the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic. They became friends first and later discovered their shared love for chocolate.

Running the chocolate store was fine but their real desire was to make their own chocolate, from bean to bar. They gradually figured out what they needed and where to get it. And in the spring of 2012 Jiri and Lukas crafted their first batch of chocolate using an 8 kg Santa stone grinder and beans they bought from Francois Pralus. The pair roasted the beans in a conventional oven, crushed and winnowed them by hand and tempered the chocolate on a marble slab. Still in 2012 they added a couple more 8 kg grinders, made a winnower using an old vacuum cleaner and bought a small tempering machine.

Today Jordi’s Chocolate uses a line of machines consisting of a number of stone grinders of various sizes, three tempering machines, a winnower and – new in 2018 – a ball refiner. The factory is in Trebechovice po Orebem – a town about 12 km east of Hradec Kralove in East Bohemia, and they are Czech Republic’s first bean-to-bar chocolate maker.

Their new range of hand-crafted bars puts flavour before origin, focusing on finding beans that blend well together to create a better tasting experience than can be had with single origin. That’s an unusual opinion in today’s craft chocolate world – why not have a try and see if you agree?

The semi-sweet dark chocolate is incredibly smooth with a rich deep flavour full of earth citrus. Large chunks of crystallized orange and ginger pepper the surface. The inclusion doesn’t just taste delicious, it subtly alters the chocolate’s taste bringing out earthy and citrus tones that lurk beneath the surface.



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