Dönnhoff Felsenberg Felsenturmchen Riesling Grosses Gewaches 2017

Helmut Dönnhoff is regularly noted as one of the top few winemakers in Germany, and he stands head and shoulders above his peers in the Nahe region of southwest of Germany. The Trocken (dry) style is fast becoming the style of choice for many consumers, despite the indisputable high quality of the traditional sweet wines of Germany, and here we find one that's drinking beautifully as a young wine whilst having all the essence to age superbly.

We often ply you with Dönnhoff Riesling each year, especially in summer, but the wines are perennially awesome and we are fortunate enough to get a small allocation of his best wines each year. All Grosses Gewäches wines must be dry by law and approved by tasting before being bottled. They all come from what are effectively 'Grand Cru' sites - the finest in Germany. At their best these are indisputably the best dry Rieslings in the world.

Felsenburg is one of the great sites in the Nahe, distinguished by its wines with masses of power and extraordinary complexity. The name refers to the small 'rock watchtower' that hangs protectively over the vineyard on the banks of the Nahe river. A very old and famous site, splendidly located on a steep southern slope. The vines grow under extreme conditions in weathered volcanic porphyry soil. The stony ground heats quickly during the day, and that warmth produces characteristic Rieslings with a racy fruitiness and mineral acidity, internationally recognized for their distinctive flinty aromas. The mineral-rich Felsenberg grapes undergo an intense selective harvest and their wines bear the symbol of the Felsentürmchen. The vines are fully mature at around 25-35 years old and they face south-southwest capturing every ray of light and heat that summer can bring.

Organically farmed, this vineyard produces a panoply of flavours covering exotic fruits (pineapple, yellow peach), citrus zest and a striking background of flint. The palate resembles the site, with a dense and sinous pathway along the palate with impressive grip and structure. Age for at least 7 years or drink in the next 2 (consider decanting it) with lightly smoked fish drizzled in lemon and dill and olive oil.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Vintage: 2017
  • ABV: 13%
  • Origin:   Nahe / Germany
  • Grapes: Riesling

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