Donnhoff Norheimer Dellchen Grosses Gewaches 2016

Helmut Donnhoff is regularly noted as one of the top few winemakers in Germany, and he stands head and shoulders above his peers in the Nahe region in the southwest of Germany. The trocken style is fast becoming the style of choice for many consumers, despite the indisputable high quality of the traditional sweet wines of Germany, and here we find one that's drinking beautifully as a young wine.

All Grosses Gewäches wines must be dry by law and approved by tasting before being bottled. They all come from what are effectively 'Grand Cru' sites - the finest in Germany. As a general rule these are the best dry Rieslings in the world.

Dellchen means a little dell in the mountain. Terraces of red slate with volcanic porphyry on either side. Of the three Gas this seems to always show a little more elegance. Closed at first but then lots of papaya and mango below and buckets of exotic fruits. Delicate acidity and a faint mineral undertone.


         Size: 750ml

  • Vintage: 2016
  • Origin:   Nahe / Germany
  • Grapes: Riesling

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