Argyros Estate Vin Santo 2010 - 50cL

Vinsanto -  as the names suggests this is 'wine of Santorini', the great sweet wine who's original home is the island of Santorini and not Italy (as many may think). Since at least the 16th century these tremendous wines were traded and enjoyed around the mediterranean and the imperial courts of Europe. The Italians copied the style but are only allowed to label the wines Vin Santo, or 'holy wine' - Vinsanto belongs to Santorini.

Vinsanto is made by drying the grapes for 2-3 weeks after harvest, concentrating sugars and allowing the development of raisiny flavours. This blend is 80% Assyrtiko with 10% Aidani and 10% Athiri and aged in old oak for 4 years, where it concentrates further and undergoes a warm, generous process of oxidation.

A wine made for chocolate dishes and dried fruits, with amazing flavours of both and treacle and caramel and nuts and...and...and...on and on. Yet for all its richness and intensity the irrepressible acidity of Assyrtiko cuts a swathe through all and delivers the most sensational clean as a whistle finish. Wonderful stuff and incomparable in the grand world of wine.