Taza Chocolate Salted Almond

Easter Promotion Collection by Philglas & Swiggot

  • Size: 77g
  • Cacao: 40%
  • Origin: Dominican Republic - made in USA
  • Flavours: Flavoured / Sweet / Unrefined


This is a chocolate that may be unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Alex Whitmore, the founder of Taza Chocolate, first tried traditional Mexican stone-ground chocolate on a holiday in Oaxaca and was inspired to bring this unique form of chocolate to the US. He apprenticed under a molinero to learn how to craft the very best stone-ground, unrefined chocolate using hand-crafted molinos, or mill stones. This method foregoes the usual refining and conching steps of the chocolate-making process, giving a chocolate closer in style to the original bars of the nineteenth century, still popular in parts of Mexico and South America today.

The minimal handling involved in this process creates discs with a satisfyingly coarse, almost biscuit-like texture, and a sweet flavour that lets you taste the bold flavours of the cocoa, sugar and spices individually. This is how the earliest bars of chocolate tasted – it really is a taste of history.

Ground into these 40% discs are sea salt and freshly roasted almonds, producing a sweet, nutty flavour. The chocolate’s biscuity texture combines with the gorgeous flavour profile to create an experience just like eating an almond flavoured cookie. If you like sweet biscuits, you’ll love this one!