Sergio Arcuri

Ciro Classico Superiore 'Aris' Sergio Arcuri 2016

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  • Size: 750ml
  • Vintage: 2016
  • ABV: 14%
  • Origin: Calabria/Italy
  • Grapes: Gaglioppo


Sergio is fourth generation grower based in Reggio Calabria. The reds here are based on the indigenous Gaglioppo grape one of Italy's oldest noble varieties, rumoured to have been the basis for the Krimisa wine given to winners of the ancient Olympic Games and also written about in the 13th century. Sergio farms two vineyards (3.7ha up to 105m) near the Ionian overlooking the Gulf of Taranto & Puglia beyond. Since 2009 Sergio started bottling his fruit rather than selling it off as his ancestors did and is a master at teasing out power and vivacity. Sergio is fortunate to have old vines planted in 1948 using the original alberello trellising system, along with more recent cordone speronato? planted in the 1980s. He works in an environmentally friendly way (organic not certified), yields are low and vine have only ever seen a minimal use of Copper & Sulphur with a focus on winter weeding only. Fermentation takes place in what looks like a large, open cement bath tub and reds age in concrete.

Deep black cherry, blackberry and wild strawberry tones. vibrant and refined crackling tannins and warm earth, wild herb and coffee aromas.100% Ciro DOC Gaglioppo From a bush vine vineyard planted in 1980 on clay, silt and red sand. After fermentation in an open concrete tub with skins and seeds removed after 5 days (rack and return) before finishing fermenting to only extract the best fruit and tannin. Aged for 2 years in concrete and 6 months in bottle before release.



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