Mixed Cases

Tenuta della Terre Nere Mixed Case (6 Bottles)

Tenuta delle Terre Nere is the fruit of over 30 years of passion and work in the world of fine wine. An extraordinary location, this "island within an island" that is the Etna is a place where nature is prodigal but also severe. Tenuta delle Terre Nere express as purely as possible the refined and multifaceted microcosm of this ancient volcanic land. With respect, care and hard farm work, always in organic balance.

Founded by Marc de Grazia, Terre Nere was instrumental in establishing the crus of Mt Etna, the sub-regions of the volcano that have higher altitudes, different soils, and older vines resulting in wines of great personality and distinction.

The fascination of the red wines of Mount Etna comes from the perfect alliance between grape variety (Nerello Mascelese), climate (warm Mediterranean, but Mount Etna with its size and height generates its own weather systems) and of course very young volcanic rock, soil and ash.

Etna Rosso wines appear mid-weight, with the most alluring perfume of cranberry, plum and tangerine that gives the illusion of high quality Pinot Noir, but the wines are stunningly intense on the palate, with piercing freshness, and ripe and robust tannins that seduces one into thinking of Nebbiolo from Piemonte. These contrasting yet complimentary profiles lay over the essential volcanic notes that nail these wines to their origin.

This stunning collection of Mt Etna crus make a perfect gift for Christmas for those fascinated by history and the joy of discovery in wine.

Etna Rosso 2015 A blend of sites from all around the northern slopes of Mt Etna, and one of our most popular red wines. Around 95% Nerello Mascalese is common in these blends.
Feudo di Mezzo 2015
A tiny cru of just 1 hectare on the northern slopes. A mixed vineyard of 50-80 year old vines planted at 600m in black volcanic ash. A wine of warmth, with ripe summer fruits with the dusky appeal of early Autumn.
Santo Spirito 2015
Planted in deep, volcanic ash at around 750m, giving this vineyard a luxurious appearance. The wine is fleshy and perfumed, with seductive tannins.
Guardiola 2015
Another tiny 1 hectare vineyard, planted at 800-1,000m, this is one of the highest vineyards on Mt Etna. The soil is a lean volcanic, pebbly sand. The wine is fine, dark fruited, spicy and tightly coiled and benefits from ageing. 
Calderara Sottana 2015
Planted at 650-700m in rocky, black volcanic pumice. A large amphitheatre vineyard this has a wide spectrum of aromas - floral, spicy, leathery - and almost creamy tannins. The most alluring and complex cru that typifies the high quality of Mount Etna.
Don Peppino Pre-Phylloxera 2015
A tiny parcel of less than 3,000 vines (some of which perish each year) planted 120-140 years ago, on their original roots, within the Calderara Sottana. Named after the man who tended the vines for 70 years, Don Peppino passed away in 2014. A fabulous, deeply complex and entrancing wine. Scarcer than hen's teeth.
Only 12 mixed 6-packs of Terre Nere available.