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En Primeur Explained

En Primeur (EP)is a way of buying wine before its finished maturing or even bottled. It helps the winery finance production, but more importantly for you, the customer, it gives you preferential access to wines that are often difficult or impossible to find in the broader market when the wines are available for drinking, and usually at a heavily discounted price. EP wines are generally sold In Bond, meaning that they are delivered into bonded warehouses and avoid the impost of Duty and VAT until the point they leave bonded storage. That may be a very long time.

In this way are the world's investment grade wines stored, but it is also a great way for individuals to make use of ideal storage conditions to cellar wines where you may lack the space at home, all while deferring payment of around 20% of the cost of the wine.


In Bond prices are duty unpaid. We use London City Bond (Vinotheque) and can store wines in our account or transfer to a private account holder.  Prices are exclusive of VAT, per unmixed 6-pack, and no further discounts apply (duty as of January 2017 per standard 9 litre case of table wine is £25, VAT at 20% is charged on both the wine and the duty)
. Payment due on receipt of invoice.

We are open to selling less than full 6-packs of some wines.

Wines will be delivered to our LCB account. Requests for transfer to other LCB accounts will be free. Transfers to other UK bonded warehouses or deliveries to the UK mainland delivery can be arranged and will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time.

Burgundy EP offers are usually delivered in the Autumn following purchase.

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