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Piedrasassi Bien Nacido Syrah 2015

The common thread among all the wines we love and admire is that there are both a mind and a place behind them. Wine, just like food, or music, or art, should have a certain kind of authenticity–it should come from someone and somewhere. This idea is what informs the work that we do. We try to make honest wines that we believe in. We hope you like them.” Sashi Moorman, Piedrasassi

The focus of Piedrasassi’s wine program is cool climate Syrah. Sashi & Melissa believe that good Syrah can be made at many sites in Santa Barbara County, but it is at the cool climate sites that Syrah is at its most compelling: producing the most complex aromas and the most savoury textures. The Santa Barbara Syrah delivers notes of raspberry, olive, and pepper with a racy, salty mouthfeel. Fantastic. 

Bien Nacido is one of the most famous vineyards in California, with more vineyard designate-labelled wines than any other vineyard in the world (including the Clos de Vougeot). Planted in the 1970s by the Miller family it is a uniquely formidable model in precise vineyard management. Growers contract the grapes and the Miller family grow them to exactly the level of detail that they desire, and they have huge demand for their fruit and sell to all the most famous wineries in southern California. The Syrah blocks are nestled into the foothills that lead away from the main valley floor, and are within a long wood of the Au Bon Climat/Qupe winery.

Stylistically this is more like Cornas with deep blue fruits, a ferric edge and wild notes of fresh sausage and fennel. This is a closed, surly, brooding wine when just opened so decant it for at least a few hours and serve with a bavette steak and garlic fries. Will age magnificently too.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Origin: Santa Maria Valley / California / United States
  • Grapes: Syrah

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